Quantum Foundry

The Quantum Foundry is is a high-end pulsed laser deposition facility hosted in a clean-room environment. The equipment include a LPX Pro 305 F excimer laser capable of delivering 248 nm UV light pulses with energies well in excess of 1 J and a custom-built deposition chamber optimised for layer-by-layer growth of complex oxides, equipped with a high-pressure reflection high-energy electron diffraction system and a laser heater capable of delivering substrate temperatures far above 1000 ̊C. The setup is completed with a customised optical system, a motorised laser attenuator and a beam profiler.


In the CryoLab we investigate the low-temperature properties of our artificial materials and devices. We use an Oxford flow cryostat (1.5 K, 16 T) and a Leiden Cryogenics dilution refrigerator (20 mK, 14 T).

Kavli NanoLab

The fabrication of functional devices takes place in a world class nanotechnology facility, the Kavli Nanolab. It features, in a class-10,000 cleanroom environment, high-resolution electron beam lithography, optical lithography, focused-ion beam, physical vapour deposition, chemical vapour deposition, dry etching, wet processing, and high- resolution optical and electron microscopy. More information is available here.